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Green Water Concepts (GWC) with its corporate base in Calicut is one of the premier water treatment companies in Kerala. Incepted in 2011, GWC was born out of the vision of a team of certified water quality professionals and environmental engineers with more than 25 years of experience and exposure in water and waste water management. Since 2013 GWC is a member of Water Quality India Association (WQIA).

Why water needs to be treated?

Ground water and surface water in many areas are contaminated with Chemicals, Biological Wastes, Micro-organisms etc. In cities, most of the water sources are contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, including E-Coli, due to the inflow of sewage into the ground water sources. Drinking contaminated water, causes serious health problems and spreads epidemic diseases.

Why GWC?

As a professionally managed company, GWC offers water treatment solutions, products and equipments for all type of water treatment applications from domestic to industrial turnkey projects.

ECOLAB, the state of the art water testing laboratory owned by GWC offers water testing services to help the customers determine the quality of water for their specific requirements.

With our in depth knowledge on a wide range of technologies and extended expertise in all water-related sectors we guarantee a cost-efficient solution meeting the water quality requirements of our customers. GWC provide a wide variety of water treatment solutions across industry, homes and communities which include:


  • Testing water to ensure whether the quality meets the drinking water quality standards
  • Purifying water to ensure safe drinking water for homes and communities
  • Treating water to meet the quality requirements of any industrial process
  • Waste water treatment, including domestic sewage and industrial effluent treatments

We at GWC stand proud to serve our prestigious customers which include the Water Authority, Government Departments, Municipalities, Architects, Builders, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Mineral Water Bottlers, Domestic users etc., requiring safe drinking/clean water.


  • To provide pure water which is safe for drinking and other purposes, more over securing a clean environment to our customer with most professional, efficient and reliable water treatment services.
  • To offer top quality eco-friendly material that commands public trust.
  • To follow superior ethical policies in business practice by keeping customers apprised of the costs and options associated with their service requests.


  • To become the best water management and consultant company in India.
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