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GWC is one of the leading water treatment companies in Calicut, Kerala. GWC was founded in 2011 by a team of certified water quality professionals and environmental engineers who have more than 25years of experience and exposure in water and waste water management. GWC is a member of Water Quality India Association (WQIA) since 2013.

GWC offers water treatment solutions, products and equipments for all type of water treatment applications from domestic to industrial turnkey projects.

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Ground water and surface water in many areas are contaminated with Chemicals, Biological Wastes, Micro-organisms etc. In cities, most of the water sources are contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, including E-Coli, due to the inflow of sewage into the ground water sources. Drinking contaminated water, causes serious health problems and spreads epidemic diseases.

Consultancy Services

Green Water concepts provides comprehensive consultancy services to Clients in the specialised areas…

Drinking water Treatment Plants

Green Water Concepts professionals are well experienced in complete engineering design of water…

Water Treatment Products

Green Water Concepts offers different ranges of domestic water purifiers of the award winning…

Community Supply Services

Water quality is closely linked to the surrounding environment and land use. Other than in its vapor form…

Filtration & Disinfection

GWC has provided water treatment and filtration solutions for all types of applications, from our…

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Waste water or Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from waste water…

Rain water Harvesting

Ground water and surface water in many areaas are contaminated with chemicals, biological wastes,…

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Information on healthy water lifestyle

As development in our modern society increases, there are growing numbers of threats that could contaminate drinking water. Suburban sprawl has encroached upon once-pristine watersheds, bringing with it all of the by-products of our modern life style. Actual events of serious drinking water contamination occur infrequently, and typically not at levels posing near-term health concern….

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why drinking water need to be treated?

In cities most of the water sources are contaminated with pathogenic bacterias, chemical and biological wastes…

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